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OK, the appetizers were decent, but now it's time for the main event and the Rose Bowl.  The Big Ten kinda sucked up a storm in the early action (thanks a lot, state of Michigan -- I hope Delany demands an official inquiry into why players from Eastern Michigan and Michigan Tech were allowed to suit up for Michigan and Michigan State), but the Rose Bowl is the big one.  This is the one where reputations are made -- or broken.  Wisconsin and their beefy rushing attack are carrying the torch for the Big Ten and unlike most Big Ten squads, they've been pretty good in Pasadena -- they won three times here under Alvarez.  Their opponents are TCU and their killer defense, carrying the torch for the mid-majors and becoming the first non-BCS school to crash the party.  Should be a good one.

The usual rules of open threads apply - no piracy, no porn, no slurs, etc.  The game's on ESPN.  Let's have some fun.