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Iowa-ISU Two-Deeps And More

First off, here's the critical information from Marc Morehouse:


SE - 15 Derrell Johnson-Koulianos 6-1 200 Sr. Campbell, OH (Cardinal Mooney) OR 22 Colin Sandeman 6-1 200 Sr. Bettendorf, IA (HS); 11 Don Nordmann 6-6 211 Sr. Hopkinton, IA (Maquoketa Valley)
LT - 77 Riley Reiff 6-6 300 So. Parkson, SD (HS); 69 Kyle Haganman 6-5 285 Sr. Osage, IA (HS)
LG - 63 Julian Vandervelde 6-3 300 Sr. Davenport, IA (Central); 60 Matt Tobin 6-6 285 So. Dyersville, IA (Beckman)
C - 53 James Ferentz 6-2 275 So. Iowa City, IA (City); 67 Josh Koeppel 6-2 273 Sr. Iowa City, IA (City)
RG - 76 Nolan MacMillan 6-6 288 #Fr. Toronto, Ontario (Hun, NJ); 59 Conor Boffeli 6-5 285 #Fr. West Des Moines, IA (Valley)
RT- 56 Markus Zusevics 6-5 295 Jr. Arlington Heights, IL (Prospect); 70 Brett Van Sloten 6-7 290 #Fr. Decorah, IA (HS)
TE - 82 Allen Reisner 6-3 248 Sr. Marion, IA (HS); 39 Brad Herman 6-5 247 Jr. Metamora, IL (HS)
QB - 12 Ricky Stanzi 6-4 230 Sr. Mentor, OH (Lake Catholic); 16 James Vandenberg 6-3 212 So. Keokuk, IA (HS)
WR - 7 Marvin McNutt , Jr 6-4 215 Jr. St. Louis, MO (Hazelwood Central); 6 Keenan Davis 6-3 215 So. Cedar Rapids, IA (Washington)
RB - 32 Adam Robinson 5-9 205 So. Des Moines, IA (Lincoln); 27 Jewel Hampton 5-9 210 So. Indianapolis, IN (Warren Central) OR 25 Paki O'Meara 5-11 211 Sr. Cedar Rapids, IA (Washington)
FB - 36 Brett Morse 6-3 238 Sr. Willowbrook, IL (Hinsdale Central); 38 Brad Rogers 5-10 215 #Fr. Toledo, OH (Central Catholic)
PK - 8 Trent Mossbrucker 6-0 204 So. Mooresville, IN (HS); 96 Michael Meyer 6-2 175 Fr. Dubuque, IA (Wahlert)


DE - 94 Adrian Clayborn 6-4 285 Sr. St. Louis, MO (Webster Groves); 58 Lebron Daniel 6-2 250 Jr. Cleveland, OH (Glenville)
DT - 95 Karl Klug 6-4 270 Sr. Caledonia, MN (HS); 54 Steve Bigach 6-3 272 So. Cleveland, OH (St. Ignatius)
DT - 46 Christian Ballard 6-5 297 Sr. Lawrence, KS (Free State) OR 93 Mike Daniels 6-1 275 Jr. Blackwood, NJ (Highland Regional); 87 Thomas Nardo 6-3 277 Jr. Lancaster, PA (Catholic)
DE - 46 Christi an Ballard 6-5 297 Sr. Lawrence, KS (Free State) OR 91 Broderick Binns 6-2 261 Jr. St. Paul, MN (Cretin-Derham Hall); 79 Dominic Alvis 6-4 240 #Fr. Logan, IA (Logan-Magnolia)
OLB - 45 Tyler Nielsen 6-4 235 Jr. Humboldt, IA (HS); 48 Troy Johnson 6-2 235 Sr. Lakeland, FL (HS)
MLB - 57 Bruce Davis 6-0 232 Jr. Cleveland, OH (Glenville); 33 Jeff Tarpinian 6-3 238 Sr. Omaha, NE (Millard North)
WLB - 42 Jeremiha Hunter 6-2 235 Sr. York, PA (Harrisburg Science & Tech); 50 Lance Tillison 6-2 215 Jr. Seffner, FL (Armwood)
LC - 2 Greg Castillo 5-11 180 So. Mount Laurel, NJ (St. Joseph's Prep, PA); 10 William Lowe 5-10 172 Jr. Cleveland, OH (Glenville Academic Campus)
SS - 9 Tyler Sash 6-1 210 Jr. Oskaloosa, IA (HS); 29 Nick Nielsen 6-3 210 So. Humboldt, IA (HS)
FS - 30 Brett Greenwood 6-0 200 Sr. Bettendorf, IA (Pleasant Valley); 40 Jack Swanson 5-11 200 So. Naples, FL (HS)
RC - 18 Micah Hyde 6-1 185 So. Fostoria, OH (HS); 4 Jordan Bernstine 5-11 205 Jr. Des Moines, IA (Lincoln)
PT - 5 Ryan Donahue 6-3 190 Sr. Evergreen Park, IL (St. Rita); 6 Eric Guthrie 6-6 245 Jr. Nevada, IA (HS) OR 15 Jonny Mullings ^ 6-3 210 Fr. Canberra, Australia (Ottumwa, IA)
Punt Returns: 22 Colin Sandeman, 7 Marvin McNutt
Kickoff Returns: 15 D. Johnson-Koulianos, 6 Keenan Davis, 26 Paul Chaney Jr., 32 Adam Robinson
Deep Snaps: 65 Andrew Schulze, 61 Casey Kreiter
Holder: 5 Ryan Donahue

For ISU's two-deeps, click here and scroll down. No surprises even if you knew what you were looking for.

Morehouse would note later that Gettis told his Facebook friends that he'd be back for ISU, but that's hardly a guarantee that Ferentz would give Gettis the starting role over MacMillan, who has been practicing at RG this entire time--generally, the feeling is that one or two practices back from injury doesn't prepare a player for the weekend's game, and Gettis clearly isn't the rare type of superstar who can overcome that absence in 24 hours before gametime. That's not a personal knock on Gettis, of course--there probably isn't anyone on the offensive line that good right now. Yet.

Other than that, the DJK-Sandeman situation has yet to be openly resolved, and obviously there was nothing the coaches were going to show last week that would have given any clues. That's by design. So while DJK's taking back kickoffs, Sandeman's returning punts, and the two are evidently splitting time opposite McNutt until Ferentz makes a decisive move one way or another.

Jewel Hampton is physically ready for the workload at tailback, and while he hasn't had a carry since the end of 2008, Hawkmania notes that that's only made him more eager for in-game contact. And by contact we mean collision. Hampton's got the physical talent to challenge A-Rob for the feature role in this offense; now, it's just a matter of matching Robinson's uncanny gift for toughness and consistency.

Also, it should be noted that with Broderick Binns' return to the lineup, Iowa brings back the entire starting DL from last year. At the same time, ISU brings back the vast majority of its career starts on the offensive line, and that's a unit that, final score be damned, flat-out beat Iowa's defensive line last year. And while it's one thing to hear Adrian Clayborn talk about the DL's commitment to not repeating that embarrassment from last year; it's another entirely to expect them to prove it.  Here's the truth: if Iowa State upsets Iowa this weekend, it will probably be because their offensive line beat Iowa's vaunted defensive line for the second year in a row.