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A Few Words With The Iowa Fans At The Boise State-VT Game

Nice work, gentlemen. <em>(Photo credit: BHGP user <strong>hawkeye_heartattack</strong>)</em>
Nice work, gentlemen. (Photo credit: BHGP user hawkeye_heartattack)

As intrepid readers of our FanShots know, the guys who held up the Hawkeye flag in the Boise State fan section at the end of the BSU-VT game are, in fact, BHGP readers. This delights us to no end, and considering how many people asked us about the flag when it happened, we had to know more. UPDATE: There's video.

So here's a brief interview with the two men responsible, gallant readers hawkeye_heartattack (who is the respondent unless otherwise noted) and his brother Confederate Hawk:

So you're the gentlemen responsible for the Iowa flag in the middle of the Boise State celebration. Well done. What was the decision-making process on that one?

Needless to say, DC is void of quality college football programs (for that matter all sports except for the Capitals). When a game as big as this comes to town, you've gotta go. Living in this part of the commonwealth, you can't go 20 feet without running into a Tech grad, and they are fucking obnoxious. We figured we'd see first hand all of the hype surrounding the 2010 VT team (OMG TYROD TAYLOR for Heismanzi). The fact that Tech was playing Boise St only sweetened the deal.

ConfederateHawk and I rarely post, but are vigilant BHGP lurkers, so we knew about all of the shit talking/trolling prior to last year's bowl season. We knew we'd be sitting on the Boise St side of the house, and we figured that any opportunity to put the Tigerhawk out on display would royally scafe the Broncos fans, especially those fucking assholes over at OBNUG. ConfederateHawk had the flag concealed - as we didn't want to risk getting jumped - in his back pocket and kept an eye out for an ESPN camera panning our seating section. We thought that all had been for naught, but finally as the seconds ticked away, the Boise St players ran over to their fan base and made their way across the stadium floor. Confederate Hawk saw the Skycam coming our way and pulled out the flag just in time for a live "Fuck you, we're Iowa!" moment. It was classic and we did catch a little hell for it from a couple of BSU fans. Most of them hadn't noticed until we started jumping up and down like some crazed animals.

Beautiful. Now, are you gentlemen working in conjunction with the guys who always hold up Iowa signs at the GameDay locations, or is this a completely independent effort?

I think that our insurgent cells are related in some fashion. I have no idea who is calling the shots these days. ConfederateHawk used to get our orders from a nepharious entity with the codename "OopsPowSurprise," but he went dark several months ago. We are all patiently waiting for our leader to emerge... [ed. note: BHGP categorically denies involvement in this undertaking, and if Black Helicopters Gold Pants descend upon this man's house, we deny all involvement as well.]

I wish we were! Those guys are frickin dedicated! I saw their signs the night BEFORE Gameday (ESPNU me thinks)! Herbie looked totally pissed off. Take note Jesse Palmer, you anti-AmeriStanzi, Canadian goose fucker - The geniune grassroots Hawks movement can not be stopped.

Confederate Hawk: I can definitely say that we were motivated by the GameDay guys. It just seemed like such a nice outlier that we couldn't pass up the chance. We hit the Boise State/VA Tech game because we figured it likely that we wouldn't get to see another match-up of that caliber within an hour of driving. We flew the flag because it was the BHGP thing to do.

I've been in the Army (and Reserves) since 1988 and have traveled to about 80 countries. What have I found in each and every one? An Iowan. It seems like you can't go anywhere sporting at Tiger Hawk where someone won't stop you to tell you their hometown. I kinda hoped that we would be seen at the game and that it would inspire other Hawks to sneak in some delicious (and gratuitous) salutes. After all... Fuck you, we're Iowa!

Will you be bringing the flag to any other games that have no direct relation to the Iowa Hawkeyes?

Unfortunately, I doubt we make it to any other college football games this year (if we get Nationals or Redskins tickets, we'll let you guys know). Besides I don't think the Maryland Turtles will be having any of their games televised nationally - and football at George Mason (of 2005 Final Four fame) is a club sport... We totally encourage Iowans living in ESSSS EEEEE CCCCC land to follow our lead. And of course, any and all Gameday locations.

* * *

There you have it, Hawkeye fans. Many thanks to these intrepid readers for risking death by potato gun or however they do it in Idaho, and let their challenge not go unheeded: FLY THE TIGERHAWK ON NATIONAL TELEVISION, ESPECIALLY AT NON-IOWA EVENTS. DO IT. DO ITTTTTT.