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Your One-Stop Guide To Iowa State Mockery

Hi, Deepthroat Jones.
Hi, Deepthroat Jones.

It's Hate Week, or BHGP's closest approximation thereof, and we would be remiss not to link back to all the fun we've had at Little Brother's expense.

ARE YOU THERE, CYCLONE FAN? IT'S ME, JEBUS. - Even after they know how the story ends, Cyclone Fan should still think about introducing his mom to Jeebs. After all, we're talking about free Hickory Park here, and that probably outweighs most of the humiliation herein.

Personal Ads for the Iowa State Cyclones - Still the most unfair thing we've ever written. Also, Dr. Cuddlekins is right behind you and just slathered in body oil.

This happened.

Just Like Everybody Else, Jamie Pollard Is Not Taking This Well - The origin of the "Jamie Pollard Was Inconsolable" meme.

Jamie Pollard Finds ISU a Bowl Game - One of the most satisfying joke buildups in BHGP history.

Iowa State Gets The Call From The Big 10 - You'd think Pollard would learn his lesson about taking calls.

Iowa State Talks to the NCAA - But no, he never will.

Roycean's Eleven - Jamie Pollard lets a computer thief onto the ISU campus, and it ends like it ought to--complete with Jamie Pollard in his natural state.

Never leave, Mr. Pollard. Never, ever leave.