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Eastern Illinois-Iowa Game Thread: MacMillan Like A Villain

Dance, suckas.

Hello, friends. Game day is here, and it's every bit as wonderful and magical as we've been hoping. Eastern Illinois at Iowa. The Season Of Destiny (NOTE: we don't really know what that destiny is yet) begins.

Of note for today, Nolan MacMIllan is getting the call to replace Adam Gettis at right guard this week. Anything less would be uncivilized. MacMillan has been a well-regarded backup lineman so far, and the sophomore from Canada has a great opportunity to make a name for himself and maybe even push Gettis for a starting role.

Your man on the mic today is going to be Hawkeye State. I won't be able to join, or even watch all of the Iowa game, thanks to my new role as college football blogger for CBS Sports. It's an exciting opportunity and I hope you'll all read our work there over the course of the season. The support I've received from the BHGP community since we started three years ago has been nothing less than awe-inspiring every step of the way, and I'd have stopped blogging long ago if it weren't for all of you readers.

Standard rules apply--no porn/NSFW pictures, no slurs (ethnic or otherwise), no links to unauthorized streams, no spamming (Reading Rambler, we're looking right at you). Other than that, game on, bitches.