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Pick Six Just Got Real

So last year we did a thing where we picked 6 "winners" against the spread from the Big Ten slate and we totally owned it. You don't win 19 out of 54 games just on luck, my friends. We'd all be fucking rich if we had been betting real money.

That means I could have been making it rain at my local strippy this whole off-season, instead I mostly just watched cartoons. Well, this year is going to be different. I've decided it's to time to stop dicking around and get serious. It's time to get paid.

So I deposited $50 on a gambling website with the intention of quadrupling it every 3 weeks. All I need now is your expertise. It's up to you, the BHGP commentariat, to choose my lead pipe motherfucking penitentiary lockdown pick each week.

What's in it for you? Spiritualistic appeasement for starters. Plus maybe if I somehow make any money I'll give away a t-shirt or something. Or I'll be broke by week 5. Whatever, fuck it.

Here's the current Big Ten lines (plus Nebraska). Iowa is off the board because they have a 1AA opponent. (Last I heard they are 39 point favorites, so feel free to discuss that)


I've picked a few lines that I think are more favorable than others. Vote for whichever one you would bet a baby bunny's life on. Or if I've overlooked an easy win, put it in the comments. I have to admit that I've got my eye on that jNW over.....