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Fuck you, Ryan Mallett.  You upset-teasing, interception-throwing, too-big-for-your-own-goddamn good dickbag, you.  In other news, Texas' pathetic offense finally screwed the Horns over, Notre Dame lost again (LAWL), Ohio State clubbed the Eastern Michigan Baby Seals into paste, and Penn State beat Temple after the Owls ran out of gas.  On to the night shift, which brings us:

* Oklahoma @ Cincinnati (ESPN2, rightfuckingnow)
* Kentucky @ Florida (ESPNU, 6pm CST)
* Akron @ Indiana (BTN, 6pm CST)
* UNI @ Iowa State (just a figment of your imagination)
* South Carolina @ Auburn (ESPN, 6:45pm CST)
* Oregon State @ Boise State (ABC, 7pm CST)
* Northern Illinois @ Minnesota (BTN, 7:30pm CST)
* West Virginia @ LSU (ESPN2, 8:15pm CST)
* Cal @ Arizona (FSN, 9pm CST)
* Oregon @ Arizona State (FSN, 9:30pm CST)

So come on in.  Standard rules apply; basically, don't post unauthorized feeds and don't be a jackass.  Also, no porn, no slurs, and DON'T BE STUPID.