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Man, That's A Good Player: Offense (Sponsored Post)


This post is sponsored by RO*TEL.

As our longtime readers well know, we've got a soft spot in our hearts here for Ro*Tel; who can forget the ubiquitous dancing chiles and tomatoes on a canvas of queso during nearly every TV timeout on the Big Ten Network? Ah, but that devotion has made Ro*Tel synonymous with the Big Ten, and so when we found out that Ro*Tel is holding a sweepstakes with a grand prize of 52 weeks of groceries and a trip to any college football game of your choice (even bowl games, which, look out Little Caesar's Pizza Pizza Bowl Bowl!) and wanted our help getting the word out, well, how could we say no?

The name of the game here, the theme, the big todo, is "Man, That's A Good Player," devoted to a certain player that has exceeded expectations thus far. We're doing two posts, one for offense, and one for defense. Now, coming off a loss like Iowa-Arizona, finding someone upon which to heap laudatory praise is a bit of a challenge; whenever there's a close loss riddled with individual error, after all, any number of guys can be accused of "losing the damn game for us," whether it's fair or not (hint: it's not).

But even with that black cloud hanging over the program's head, we must admit that Allen Reisner has, not so surprisingly, stepped right into Tony Moeaki's role as a complete tight end. Reisner is a redshirt senior now, and he's a vastly improved blocker from years past. He's also averaging 3 catches for 44 yards per game, with one very slick touchdown catch against Iowa State.

But most of all, Reisner embodies the spirit of the Iowa football program. He was the last member of the 2006 recruiting class to receive an offer, and he didn't do a whole lot during his first couple years on campus as the coaching staff molded him into a complete football player. He's now on pace for 39 catches, 592 yards, and 4 TDs on the season, and while that doesn't sound earth-shattering, that'd be the best season for a tight end in Iowa's TE-friendly offense since Scott Chandler in 2006--and before that, Dallas Clark in '02.

So here's to you, Mr. Reisner. You are the queso that holds this hodgepodge of diced chiles, diced tomatoes, and sundry spices together, and man, that's good.

Oh, and for real, readers: join Ro*Tel's sweepstakes. You'd be a horrible Big Ten fan not to.