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As with all things football, violence is prominently involved.

College football's here! It's finally here! We've labored through the snowy hell of winter, a spring that was about 3 weeks long, and a wet, hot Iowan summer for this very day. And it's grand. It's beautiful.

Games of note:
Southern Miss at South Carolina (6:30, ESPN)
Marshall at #2 Ohio State (6:30, BTN)
Towson at Indiana (6:30, BTN)
Minnesota at MTSU (6:30, ESPNU)
FAMU at Miami (6:30, ESPN3)
Eastern Illinois at Iowa State (7:00, no TV come on it's ISU)
#15 Pitt at Utah (7:30, Vs.)
Eastern Washington at Nevada (9:05, just kidding this game is not of note)
#14 USC at Hawaii (10:00, ESPN)

It's a brand new season and we have a few new readers, so here's a little refresher on the rules: no ethnic slurs, no gay-baiting, no politics, no NSFW pictures, and no links to unauthorized streams. Other than that, have at, ladies and gents. It's a great goddamn day.