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Welcome Back, Football: Opening Night LIVETHREADBLOG

Finally, our long nightmarish wait is over: college football has returned to us.  True, Iowa doesn't kick off for another 41 hours, but while we wait for our black-and-gold fix, we can temporarily satisfy our cravings with tonight's action.  We're no longer stuck with just some dogshit boring ACC game to watch, either -- we have games involving teams that actually matter to us, if only for their schadenfreude potential.

* Northern Illinois at Iowa State, 7pm CST (various Fox Sports Somethings)

* Minnesota at Middle Tennessee State, 6:30pm CST CST (ESPNU)

* Marshall at Ohio State, 6:30pm CST (BTN)

* Fucking Towson at Indiana, 6:30pm CST (BTN)

There's also Southern Miss at South Carolina (6:30pm CST, ESPN), Pittsburgh at Utah (7:30pm CST, Versus), and USC at Hawaii (10pm CST, ESPN) if you're jonesing for more.  Come one, come all.  Just obey the rules: no discussion of pirated streams, no porn, and no politics.