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Iowa-Arizona Game Thread: Gila With It

Well that was fun, wasn't it? Who can't wait for more late night starts? What, no one? Oh, fine. But our long, interminable wait for kickoff is finally -- finally -- over and we can get down to the business of watching some Iowa football as they take on the cats what are wild from the untamed western land known as the Gadsden Purchase Arizona.

There's not much in the way of last-minute updates: Norm isn't there, the injured/suspended guys from the first few weeks all appear to be cleared and ready to go, and it could be really fucking hot there. Oh, and Arizona's wearing all-red, so fear our mighty popsicle overlords. Let's just do this thing.

Standard rules apply--no porn/NSFW pictures, no slurs (ethnic or otherwise), no links to unauthorized streams, no spamming (no alphabet games). Other than that, game on and drink up..