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Hello, friends.  It's fall, it's a Saturday... it must be time to rake leaves.  Watch pennant chase baseball.  Watch football. Yes, that's it.  Unfortunately for us, the Iowa game doesn't kick off for another eleven goddamn hours. What's a football fan to do in the meantime?  Get drunk and make snarky comments about the other games, if you're here.  (And if you're not here and you're still reading this we have some important existential questions to ask you.)  So what's on tap for the early session?  All times CST, because that is God's timezone.

* Arkansas @ Georgia (11am, ESPN)
* Kent State @ Penn State (11am, ESPN2)
* The Game Formerly Known As Farmageddon: Iowa State vs. Kansas State (11am, FSN)
* Maryland @ West Virginia (11am, ESPNU)
* Northern Illinois @ Illinois (11am, BTN)
* Ohio @ Ohio State (11am, BTN)
* Ball State @ OUR MOST HATED FOE, fucking Purdue (11am, BTN)
* UMass @ Michigan (11am, BTN)
* Georgia Tech @ Ole Miss (11am,, maybe some random FSN/CSN channels)

Standard rules apply--no porn/NSFW pictures, no slurs (ethnic or otherwise), no links to unauthorized streams, no spamming (this means no alphabet games). Other than that, game on.