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Big Ten Betting Extravaganza: Week 3

We're two weeks into the Big 10 Black Heart Gambling Experiment and it's all tied up! To be fair the house has $0.46 of mine because I'm paying -110 per bet, but that's neither this way nor that. Let's take a quick look back to see what happened last week:




Two weeks. Two bets against Notre Dame. I get it. We don't like them. But do we dare take the "Big Ten To Cover Versus The Irish" trifecta this week? That would be Michigan State to cover 3.5 at home. On paper that sounds great, but given the opportunity, Sparty could choke away a game to directional Delaware.

The obvious pick here is to go all in on Iowa in a virtual pick 'em. I absolutely love that bet and I'm sure Stoopsy My Asserino has got my back on that one. Not sure if I want to tempt fate, though. Lots of other good stuff on the board.

Whether USC is any good or not, they should be able to beat Minnesota by 14 or a multiple thereof. I also doubt fPurdue will have any trouble covering 16.5 versus Ball State. If Illinois was coached by a pine cone they would cover 7 against Northern Illinois, unfortunately they have that other guy.

Have a look and tell me who you're in love with. If the obvious winner isn't on the poll, put it in the comments. If you like one of the comment winners, rec it.....