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Iowa-Iowa State Game Thread: Who Wants a Cy-Hawk? (We do.)

More of this plz.

Finally. It's time to play our favorite in-state rival* for our favorite rivalry trophy** on the hallowed turf at Legendary Historic Kinnick Stadium. Let's just get it done.

As far as last minute updates go... Norm may or may not be in attendance after some more foot problems, but Shaun Prater, Jeff Tarpinian, and Adam Gettis sound able to play in some capacity today. And of course Jewel Hampton and Broderick Binns will be returning from their one-game suspensions.

I'll be around trying vainly to herd you malcontents and hooligans, so please: be gentle. Standard rules apply--no porn/NSFW pictures, no slurs (ethnic or otherwise), no links to unauthorized streams, no spamming (Reading Rambler, we're looking right at you). Other than that, game on, bitches.

* - May not actually be true.
** - Definitely is not true.