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Gamble like Kevin - Week 2

Last week I kicked off the weekly Big Ten betting extravaganza by asking the BHGP commentariat who the rock solid lock of the week was. The overwhelming winner was Purdue at +11 versus Notre Dame. Let me quickly remind you all how that turned out:


You Blew It


I know what you're thinking. Purdue lost by 11, shouldn't it have been a push? The answer is yes, it should it have. However, by the time I placed the bet the line had moved to 10.5, so I lost. By half a point. fault, right? Incorrect. I blame Purdue. Fucking Purdue. Also, your fault. I expect more from you, the average person. It's a well-known fact that large groups of like-minded people have an explicit advantage over Vegas experts.

The lines...after the jump.


First impressions:

  1. Penn State is starting a freshman QB versus the #1 team in the country. As much as I hate to admit it, 11.5 probably isn't enough.
  2. I'm not convinced that Michigan and Notre Dame will play enough defense to keep the game under 60, let alone 52.
  3. 38 is a shit ton of points for Wisconsin to give. More importantly, is San Jose St really going to contribute enough points to go over 56?

What do you reckon? Feel free to discuss these games at great length in the comments. I've picked a few lines here, let me know if I've missed the obvious winner.