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Better Know A Badger: John Moffitt

You probably don't know much about who John Moffitt is. It's okay; even armed with the knowledge that Moffitt is a Wisconsin Badger, even we here at BHGP couldn't tell you much about the senior lineman until we saw this introductory video. Moffitt's behavior will probably seem aberrant to you--at least until you reach the 0:24 mark of the video, where every possible question is answered in one fell swoop.

Yep, he's a center, a beast of burden laboring at the magnet of mental acuity on the gridiron--and trust that every lawyer reading this post intimately understands Moffitt's predicament. His sense of humor isn't an aberration, it's a natural reaction to having the finest intellectual bona fides on the field, then being asked to perform the dirtiest work available. Trust us, Mr. Moffitt--we understand.