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David Sims Pleads Guilty To Unauthorized Credit Card Use, Is Suspended One Game

David Sims is an Iowa State Cyclones defensive back. He was named Big XII Newcomer of the Year last season after transferring in from junior college. He was also named co-captain for the 2010 season. That's had been, not has been, because Sims lost that privilege after getting nailed for using a total stranger's debit card to buy more than $600 of merchandise in Ames.

Pardon us if that sounds just a little familiar. In response to that incident, Dominique Douglas and Anthony Bowman were suspended indefinitely, and neither played another snap for the Hawkeyes.

Meanwhile, Sims was just suspended one whole game by Paul Rhoads, and we're sure that the identity of Iowa State's second opponent of the season has absolutely no bearing on Rhoads' decision.

Every program and every coach has their instances of conveniently lax punishment in their closet. Neither Iowa nor Iowa State are exempt.