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DJK On Facebook: 'Allow Me To Set The Record Straight'

Plenty has been made of the fact that Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, for all of his accomplishments as a Hawkeye receiver, is once again going into the season with an "OR" next to his name on the depth chart. Last season, it was because he was sharing a depth chart spot with Marvin McNutt, who turned in a monster 2009 season. This season, though, the culprit seems to be DJK's short-lived Twitter account, which we miss dearly. But we understand. No distractions through social media and all, right?

Oh, but DJK's still got Facebook, and DJK's still got ambition, and DJK's still got swagger. So--thanks to Fight For Iowa--we've got his latest missive from Facebook, which should give every Iowa fan goose bumps (the good kind):

Someone once told me that perception is reality. That if a lie reachs enough people, eventually it becomes the truth. Throughout my life, such instances have shaped me, both for better and for worse. As my time as a Hawkeye nears its end, it seems I am at a crossroads, staring down a similar situation. Over the years, various outlets have painted a picture that doesn't quite match the production. Time and again, I have been depicted as an individual more interested in making headlines, than highlights. As someone who prefers style over substance. A person who would rather prepare for media days than two-a-days. Thousands have been convinced that I am all showboat and no sacrifice. Allow me to set the record straight.

I am on a mission to go from the doghouse to the penthouse - determined to show our fans that there is no "DJK" in "team", and that I am well aware of that fact. At Iowa, the success of our group far exceeds the importance of individual accolades. Still, some will undoubtedly inquire, "Don't the records matter?" To be honest, of course they do. Which ones? WINS AND LOSSES. And for those concerned with my media fascination, rest assured, the only coverage I am focused on is that of the opposing defense.

This journey is for Hawkeye Nation. For every generation of fans who have endured season after season, anticipating these types of towering expectations.

Can you feel it, Hawks?

The roar of Kinnick Stadium on opening day...

The sight of freshly harvested corn hats...

The aroma of record-setting, National Championship LEGEND in the air...

Our time is now. And if you didn't know...


Okay, now I want to wear a cardboard box as a helmet and go try to tackle something. Anything. THAT fired up for Hawkeye football. It's like the Tebow Promise, but not on the verge of tears. And ours. Holy smoking shit yes.

The best part, though, is that DJK's message is exactly what the coaches have been trying to hammer into his head for the last four years. If there's any selfishness to it, it's that his name's attached as the author, but so what? If anything, we want to see this on more players' facebooks. Tailored to their own selves, obviously; we wouldn't want to see "As my time as a Hawkeye nears an end" on, say, A.J. Derby's page. But we digress: there's nothing for them to be mad about there. Everyone's goal is to work hard as a team. Everyone's goal is to ignore personal accomplishments until after the season. Everyone's goal is to go undefeated this season. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go tend to my field of corn hats. Harvest time's one week away, baby.