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Here's the second half of our podcast coverage for the Iowa Touchdowns For Kids fundraiser.  I was fortunate to be joined by Seth Olsen, who's currently in the mix at offensive line for the Denver Broncos. Personally, I think they should try him at quarterback. Verrry thin at quarterback in Denver these days.

Luckily, he had a few minutes to spend with BHGP, and we talked about the glamour of his professional career, his connection with the Hawkeyes, and his admirable connection with the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Podcast is below and on iTunes.

BHGPodcast 34b

Now, eagle-eared(?) listeners will notice Seth Olsen mentioned that he and his wife are donating a certain amount to TD4K. BHGP has since learned that the Olsens are donating--seriously--$100 per Iowa touchdown. We know that's a lot of money, and Seth's an active NFL player and all, but... the Olsens aren't millionaires (yet), either. They're doing $100, and that's just incredible. But you can make a difference with just $1. Click here to make your pledge.