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INPIYL2I: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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One In, One Out, One Who Could Be Either.  Let's begin with the good news from the land of creepiness: Iowa picked up a verbal commitment from Wisconsin halfback/athlete Melvin Gordon over the weekend.  Gordon (3* Rivals, 3* Scout, 79/100 ESPN) chose Iowa from an offer list that went on forever (pretty much the entire Big Ten, plus Tennessee, Louisville, Cincinnati, Iowa State, etc.), had interest from the likes of Alabama and Miami, and was named the best prospect in Wisconsin by Rivals.  He currently stands 6'1" and weighs 185 pounds, which is basically Jordan Cotton two years ago.  He could play anything from halfback to receiver to defensive back.  For now, let's take this moment to gloat over the fact that Iowa has taken a top 3 Wisconsinite from Bret Bielema in each of the last two years.

On the not-so-good news front, it appears that FB Wade Leppert has decided to call it a career.  Leppert, a former walk-on from Wauconda, IL, split time with Brett Morse as Shonn Greene's battering ram in 2008.  However, he was passed by Morse in 2009, spending his time primarily on the kickoff return unit, and was recently demoted to FB3 when Brad Rogers changed positions.  With no scholarship and no real route back into the rotation, Leppert apparently decided he'd had enough.  We wish him well.

And now I'd like to take a shadow off this evening: Brandon Wegher apparently returned to practice last week, only to leave again.  Via the Quad City Times:

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz told Fox Sports radio Friday night that Wegher, who left the team a few days into fall workouts, practiced a few days last week but "his heart wasn’t into it." He has left the team again, although Ferentz remains optimistic that Wegher will be back permanently at some point.

"He’s a very valued team member and we’re certainly hopeful he’ll choose, at some point, to rejoin the team and get back to football," Ferentz said on the radio show. "But that being said, too, I’m totally respectful of his intentions and desires, and I think he just needs a little time right now, a little space to sort a few things out."

I've heard the rumors.  You've heard the rumors.  We're not going anywhere near them.  If the report is true, and Wegher plans on attending classes today with the start of the fall semester, it's probably not a transfer situation.  Regardless, it's now been two weeks since BW3 went AWOL; even if he is back before August camp breaks, don't expect him on the field any time soon.

EDIT: Andy Hamilton, reporting on the same radio interview, thinks the QCT misheard Ferentz.  Wegher returned for practice at the beginning of August (as in, Media Day, where we've seen the pictures) but hasn't come back since.  However, he is apparently planning on going to class, so it's a start.

Next Up: Divining Rods and Entrails.  FOTP Scott Dochterman details what we've all heard regarding divisional alignment in the new-look Big Ten (competitive balance trumps geography, OSU and Michigan don't necessarily have to stay together, etc.) and takes his best shot at guessing the new divisions.  He puts Iowa in with Nebraska, the two Illinois-based schools, and the Michigan programs.  It's completely plausible and little beyond meh-inducing.  While Nebraska becomes an immediate must-attend game, Illinois and Northwestern don't make up for Minnesota and Wisconsin, and one of those two previously protected rivals would be left out.  And while an annual meeting with Michigan would be enticing, does anyone outside Ann Arbor have any opinion whatsoever on Sparty?  Doc has the math right and the logic to back it up, but I hope he's wrong.