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Ferentz: Tarpinian May Return To Practice This Week

Over in the FanPosts, one Hawkeye Marching Band member posted a question he asked Kirk Ferentz at the HMB picnic. The subject: Jeff Tarpinian's broken hand, an injury that we haven't heard much from the UI about--especially when it comes to recovery time. But good news, everyone! According to the poster, Ferentz informed him that "a bone in Jeff Tarpinian's hand was broken in a "freak incident" and that he had already had surgery and hoped to return to practice this week."

This, of course, is great news; while backup Troy Johnson is 1-for-1 on earning DPOTW honors when starting, Tarpinian's probably the better linebacker overall. This and other trite takes on the situation are available on BHGP, free of charge! Next up: Ricky Stanzi should not throw so many interceptions, and Adrian Clayborn is good at football!