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Iowa Debuts On AP Poll At No. 9

Good news, everyone! The AP college football preseason poll was released this morning, and the Iowa Hawkeyes are slotted at ninth (by way of comparison, they were 10th in the coaches' poll). Only six of the 60 voters actually put Iowa at no. 9, however; their votes ranged from 3rd to 15th.

The poll's release also marks the launch of, which seems long overdue. In this day and age, something that compiles that amount of data and information deserves its own interactive experience, after all. And hey look, you can click on each of the teams. I wonder what happens when you click on Iowa...




A crooked-ass logo and a story about JoePa? For serious? Hang on, we need to check--yep, according to the Geneva Conventions, this can only be considered an act of aggression by Penn State. Iowa now has no choice but to beat the Nittany Lions on October 2. YOU HEAR US? IT'S ON.