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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It Is Feeling The Autumn Wind

Now just imagine Adrian Clayborn with an eyepatch...

(H/T to Bama Hawkeye)

Caring is creepy just got king-sized.  Lost in the ongoing drama that is Where In Iowa Is Brandon Wegher? was the news that the Iowa football team picked up its 13th commitment for 2011 in Jordan Walsh, a 6'3, 275 lb. K prospect out of Glen Ellyn, IL.  What, he's an offensive line prospect?  OK, fine, whatever.  Walsh is one of the most highly touted recruits to verbal to Iowa so far; he's a consensus 4* prospect from Rivals and Scout (79 from ESPN) [cue a portion of the fanbase hyperventilating over the Dan Doering parallels and wondering why we don't just stick to those nice, hard-working 2* Iowa farm boys instead] and comes with a list of scholarship offers a couple miles long, including from the likes of Michigan, Nebraska, and USC.  Suck it, Trojans.  Walsh plays tackle in high school, but he's expected to move inside to guard at the college level. 

Do they wear Armani when they collect their handouts, too?  The Gazoo published a report breaking down revenue sharing in the Big Ten for football and basketball; as usual, Iowa was one of the losers when it comes to football, giving up $765,000 in revenue as part of the revenue-sharing plan.  Only the three Big Ten schools with monster stadiums (Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan) lost more revenue.  The biggest beneficiaries of the Big Ten's revenue sharing largesse?  Well, take a guess:

Schools receiving more in revenue sharing than paid include: Northwestern ($1.71 million), Indiana (nearly $1.3 million), Minnesota ($896,704), Purdue ($785,650) and Illinois ($539,539).

Then again, we can't complain too loudly -- when it comes to hoopyball, we're cashing the checks, not writing them:

Iowa was one of only three schools receiving more in revenue sharing than paying. Iowa took in $158,992, behind Northwestern ($214,647) and Penn State ($248,162). Losing the maximum of $86,597 were Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Purdue and Wisconsin.

And obviously, on the whole, revenue sharing has been quite good to Iowa and the entire Big Ten.

Well, he doesn't really look like Marky Mark, but... The Press-Citizen got a few words from John Wienke, the "other guy" in the QB depth chart who has, so far, made the slightly surprising move not to transfer in search of playing time.  As Andy Hamilton notes, it's not as if it he didn't have ability or offers coming out of high school:

He twice made first-team all-state in Illinois and originally committed to Michigan before switching his allegiance to Iowa.

"I would like to be (the No. 2 quarterback)," Wienke said of his goal for this season. "That's, obviously, what I'll work for. The coaches have always made great decisions. They've never failed us.

"James has done a good job, and we'll just have to see where it goes from there, and I'll have to keep working."

This fall camp has to be a make-or-break time for Wienke, though; if he can't beat out Vandenberg for the role of Stanzi's back-up, the odds of him getting playing time at Iowa for anything beyond mop-up duty or as an injury replacement are slim.  Not that we want him to depart; if something does happen to the Mandenberg in 2011 or 2012, it's certainly be preferrable to slot in a fourth-year junior or a fifth-year senior who (should) know(s) the offense cold.

The first rule of Quarterback Club is...

You do not talk about Quarterback Club.  Mas Casa also has a slew of other interesting and informative video interviews up from Media Day last week (including a great one with DJK); do him a favor and go check 'em out if you haven't already.  He deserves your hits.  Speaking of leftovers from around the time of Media Day, if you haven't already read Morehouse's excellent piece on Adrian Clayborn and his mom, well, stop what you're doing and read it now:

Clayborn opened an e-mail from a stranger last month. He ended up visiting a 16-year-old boy who was in the UI hospital facing a painful hip procedure and probably two months of being off his feet. There’s another story where a young dude downtown bothered a couple women. Clayborn asked him to stop and then apologized to the ladies.

"Albia’s just not around the corner, I’m not sure what got him there," Ferentz said. "That was a little random, but he does so many things. Loves kids, loves dogs. He’s got his dog, Ace. He’s a tremendous human being. I see the impact he has on our football team and the care that he has. He’s a stellar guy."

And if that's not enough, there are also interesting outtakes that didn't make the final cut for the initial piece:

Best friend on the team?

"My best friend, I’d probably say Donnie Nordman (wide receiver from Hopkinton)," Clayborn said. "We hang out a lot. He’s just a cool dude. He’s laid back, just like I am. We hang out. He’s real cool."

Clayborn lived a few years with, yes, wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos.

"There’s always excitement," Clayborn said. "That was a learning experience. He was a cool dude. We had fun. I like everybody on our team. No bad eggs really."

Still need more reading material?  Check out Hlas' Q&A with DJK (also from last week) if you haven't yet:

Q: Do you think a lot about possibly playing in the NFL?

DJK: It’s hard not to think about it when you know you might have the opportunity. Regardless of what (college) players say, that’s really the ultimate goal. I know it is for me. It definitely is for me.

The NFL is a means of income, a means to show who you are, to get your name in the national spotlight. And it’s a means to give back.

Why is it bad to say you want to play in the NFL? Is it bad to say you want to be a doctor? Doctors get paid. My dad’s a doctor. When we go out and people see him, they go bonkers over him. Before they say hello to me, they say hello to him. He’s excited about what he does. I want to be good at what I’m doing.

So I think about the NFL every day. But in order to make it there you have to be good at the college level, so my focus is to be good at the college level. I can’t get to my dreams unless I take the proper steps


  • Spelling is hard and all, so I'm sure a noted control freak like Nick Saban is totally cool with that.
  • Speaking of preseason expectations... Playboy's preseason top 25 is out; Hef has Iowa 5th.  Sports Illustrated's preseason top 25 is also out; they have Iowa 6th.  Whether you like expectations or not, they're a reality this season -- all we can do now is see how Ferentz and the players handle them.
  • More Hawkeyes on preseason watch lists than you can shake a stack of sticks at, if you wanted to shake a lot of sticks at something.
  • Hawkeye Reports stops by Colts training camp to check in with a handful of ex-Iowa greats; of note is Mitch King working at fullback and Bob Sanders finally being healthy again.
  • Need something to listen to while you wait for the next BHGPodcast?  Give Doc and Mas Casa a spin; it's even available through iTunes now.