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Brandon Wegher Watch, Day 2: It's Rumor-riffic!

It's Wednesday morning, and Brandon Wegher is still a Hawkeye. For now.

Tuesday was a tumultuous day, as Internet scuttlebutt goes; the rumors, as we understood them yesterday, were substantial enough to warrant concern but no specific enough to warrant specific comment. From the search terms people used to find us yesterday, as near as we can tell, Brandon Wegher got pregnant and gave birth to a baby that couldn't get into a sorority because of bad grades in bomb-making school. Which, people, Wegher doesn't even have a uterus or a birth canal! These rumors are stupid!

At any rate, Brandon Wegher did not show up for practice yesterday, seemingly confirming all worst suspicions. Yet at the same time, his grades are apparently in order, his status with the team hasn't been changed (yet), and Kirk Ferentz refused comment on the matter at practice yesterday. In other words, if anyone's reporting a conclusive statement on the matter, you are free to assume either they or their sources are lying until proven otherwise.

That said, one intrepid Twitter user passed along a report from KETV in Omaha that Wegher would return to practice today, though as of 2 AM, KETV hadn't posted anything on their website along those lines. Meanwhile, the QC Times' Hawkmania is reporting the exact opposite, saying Wegher will take a leave of absence from the team.

If--if--THE YOUNG MAN FROM DAKOTA DUUUNES decides not to play this season, rest assured that the DAS PAKIBOMB Advisory System will be stuck on Orange for Week 1. After all, Jewel Hampton is suspended for that week, Brad Rogers is now working with the fullbacks, and superstud freshman Marcus Coker has a broken clavicle and may not be heard from this season. You tell us: who else would it be at #2 but Paki O'Meara? Exactly.

Oh come on. Stop crying. Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God hasn't taken a year off since Joe Philbin left. Why did you expect anything different this year?