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Welcome to "Where I Come From" Week, Presented by EA Sports

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

You might have had the date circled on your proverbial calendar for months.  You may have learned of it from our Tebowlicious advertising in the right sidebar.  Regardless, next week marks the unofficial end of the off-season: The release of College Football 2011 (not coincidentally, next week will also be the time we go eerily quiet while we guide Brandon Wegher to the first 5000 yard rushing season in history).

In commemoration of that joyous event, the SBN college sports blogs have teamed up with EA Sports for a week-long discussion of what it means to be a fan.  Later today, we'll discuss the origins of Iowa fandom.  On Tuesday, we'll be talking about our all-time favorite Iowa teams.  Wednesday will be dedicated to tailgating traditions.  Thursday is for our all-time favorite players (hello Zeron Flemister!)  On Friday, we'll discuss the most memorable Hawkeye moments, like the time Warren Holloway caught the bomb to beat LSU, or the time HFMR found a picture of Warren Holloway catching the bomb in a Denver Salvation Army.  Regardless, it should be fun.  We encourage you, as always, to join in the discussion both here and elsewhere.