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Good Night, Sweet Princes: Iowa City Denies Permit For Magic Bus

One of the fixtures of the Iowa tailgating scene, the Magic Bus, will no longer be part of the scene on Melrose on gameday Saturdays. As KCRG reports, the Bus has been denied a permit to operate:

IOWA CITY -- The "Magic Bus" won’t be rocking out for tailgaters in Iowa City at the location they were hoping for, and might not be rocking out at all this football season.

The Iowa City Housing and Inspection Services Department had the sole decision on the new permit. More information is expected later Thursday afternoon.

And here's what the Magic Bus operators had to say in a statement released this morning:

The word has come in from the city of Iowa City this morning the Magic Bus has been denied its permit to operate. We will regroup and make a plan. The Magic Bus shirts you see as the profile picture are being printed today and will be for sale through the site by contacting me or the team. We will try to have some at Grizzlys’ Bar and Grill too. Each shirt will come with a vinyl Magic Bus decal. The Magic Bus fish from a shirt about 10 years ago. Proceeds once again will go to a worthy cause. Thanks to Erin N., are two lawyers, and all those who helped us with our battle. We will look for another site or a rich elderly lady without any kids who wants to adopt some rugby players.

Obviously, this is tough news for tailgaters, especially since the Magic Bus pretty much did things the right way; they checked IDs, provided entertainment, and cut down on the amount of cars necessary to entertain the hundreds of guests they welcomed every week. Obviously, the dynamics of tailgating are somewhat different than those of regular traffic and mass transit, but providing a reliable destination for tailgaters means they (or their friends) don't have to figure out how to get a car in and out of the area on game days.

Clearly we disagree with the city's decision, but we haven't heard anything from the city itself about why the permit was denied, and it would only be fair to wait for more information from their side. Still, not good news.