POLL: BHGP Road Trip 2010

After the relative success of Black Heart Gold Tailgate 2009 and Black Heart Gold Spring Game 2010, we're considering expansion of the meet-and-greets for this fall. Details of the official BHGTailgate are being developed and will be released later this month, but we're also considering a Black Heart Gold Road Trip for this year to one of two venues. We'll leave it up to you, dear readers, to guide us in the right direction.


Pros: Near a fantastic metropolitan area; we have a lot of Chicago readers; the stadium will be 2/3 Iowa, so it's basically a home game; if we're lucky, someone might get the opportunity to punch chadnuj in the balls; not that far away for Ross and I (due to his SB Nation weekend editor obligations, Jacobi likely won't be making the road trip, regardless of location); tickets are plentiful, and group seating is available.

Cons: Terrible tailgating atmosphere (no parking near the stadium); only a handful of old guys in Range Rovers show up early, and they think Randy Walker is still in charge; Evanston's obscure and absurd liquor laws might cut down on the public consumption of alcohol in whatever far-off parking lot we can invade.


Pros: New stadium to invade; Kinnick North is still Kinnick North; established locales for Iowa fans before kickoff, especially at certain houses of ill repute, that reduces startup costs and makes it easy for everyone to meet; to be honest, I'm going to this game regardless; we also have a ton of Minneapolis-based readers; basically a guaranteed win, followed by random debauchery in Minneapolis.

Cons: It's Minnesota in November; don't know how the ticket situation will be in that bite-sized stadium; a loss will make me want to cut myself and could really mess with the chill vibes.

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