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The Most Interesting Man in the World ... (of Hawkeye Football)


  • He once threw five interceptions in one game, just to see what it felt like.
  • Professors use his test responses to create their answer key.
  • He has been known to heal the sick, just by sneezing.
  • He can turn Gatorade into wine, and wine into a Mercedes Benz.
  • His hands are lined with pigskin.
  • He can chew gum, walk and the same time.
  • He was not born in the USA, the USA was born in him.
  • His sweat is the secret ingredient, in Rogaine.
  • Women have named their children after, his number.
  • The Heisman pose is an imitation of him.
  • His audible calls have led defensive linemen, to religious conversion.
  • He once bowled a 300 game, with a tennis ball. 

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