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Guess Who's Getting 0 Minutes A Game In This Brand New, Fast-Paced, Up-Tempo Offense



Remember when we thought it'd be 30 minutes a game? Yeah, no. Brennan Cougill has failed to qualify academically for this basketball season, and he will enroll at Kirkwood Community College.

This leaves the interior of Iowa's team comically thin, a staple characteristic of every single Todd Lickliter team. Your starters at the 4 and 5 are probably Jarryd Cole (a known quantity at this point, and also rehabbing another surgery) and Melsahn Basabe (true freshman, though one with potential). The only other guys with any size on the team? Devon Archie (0 minutes played) and Andrew Brommer (ye gods).

What we'll miss most, of course, is the "pick-and-popsicle" action that made Cougill one of the most dangerous spot-up 3-point shooters in the Big Ten. Coug, you got one more in you for the road?

Mourn you till we join you, big man.

But it's not all bad news. No, the good news is that we get the opportunity to read another hysterical outburst in the Sioux City Journal. That'll probably come out tomorrow. What do you suppose they'll blame Cougill's academic woes on? Poll is below.