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The Labatt Blue Standout Duo: Marvin McNutt and DJK


This post is sponsored by Blue Light, who invites you to visit, where you can enter to win a ticket for you and a friend to attend a massive concert and party with the Refreshment Duo and Blue Light girls.

Labatt Blue Light asked us to post about Hawkeyes who stand out as a refreshing duo. They politely obliged our various anatomical jokes before asking for a real answer. We were going to go with Adrian Clayborn and Broderick Binns, but that struck us as just too obvious.*

Quick, unsolicited aside: Labatt Blue oil cans are like $6 at Cedar Rapids Roughriders hockey games. Order one a period. Have someone else drive.

And besides, for as many highlights as Clayborn and Binns gave us last season, every bit as many came via the standout WR duo of Derrell Johnson-Koulianos and Marvin McNutt. It would be unnecessarily reductive to turn this into a "why yes Adam, wide receivers are important" post, of course, but consider the critical play of both men at the most necessary times.

DJK made that diving touchdown catch against ISU that cost him a game with a shoulder injury. He also moved the chains on a regular basis, converting a third down on 33 of his team-leading 45 catches. That's a 73% average; on the whole, Iowa converted first downs on only 55% of their completions. He also took a kick to the house against Ohio State after the Buckeyes went up by 14 in the fourth quarter in Columbus, jumpstarting a Hawkeye effort that was bordering on flatline at that point.

McNutt, meanwhile, showed a flair for the dramatic. Not only did McNutt catch a team-leading eight touchdowns, but all eight came in tight situations--where Iowa was either losing or one-possession games. And, y'know, there was this:

DJK is on the verge of breaking Iowa records for most receptions and most receiving yards. If he stays healthy and "with the program," he'll break those records with ease in 2010. He may only hold them until McNutt exhausts his eligibility. Assuming all goes well and everybody keeps improving instead of getting complacent, this may very well end up being the most productive WR duo in Iowa Hawkeye history. Again, because it bears repeating: this may very well end up being the most productive WR duo in Iowa Hawkeye history. For that--and only because it's the offseason--we salute this refreshing duo with a (momentarily, I assure you) full pint of Labatt Blue. 

*Well that, and Rivalry Esq. totally beat us to it.