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The Single Most Critical Question Of Conference Re-Alignment

Here's a passage from the end of Andy Staples' latest column about Texas A&M and the Aggies' options for switching conferences. Emphasis is ours.

Byrne and Texas A&M president Loftin have options to examine. Do they help save the Big 12 by bringing new blood into the fold? Do they split from the Big 12 but stay with their in-state rivals? Do they split from their fellow Texas schools and put in jeopardy rivalries that date back decades?

If they choose the SEC -- and the SEC subsequently agreed to choose them -- entry would be simple. Texas A&M would need approval from nine of the 12 SEC presidents. It also would have to pay $50 in annual membership dues.

So with that in mind, we have to ask... should BHGP apply to the SEC?