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If you had one shot, one opportunity…

How does one decide on the future? What should be the criteria? What is the goal, the outcome desired? So tough. But, if you had one chance and one chance only to go to Iowa City for a football weekend to see your beloved Hawkeyes this

The journey is laborious. No, Iowa City is not the end of the world when it comes to travel, but you can see it from there. So the payoff (after the payout) has to be rich, full, overflowing even. Not just a game, and not just a victory, but a weekend flush with wonderous activity: tailgating, post-game celebrating, in-game euphoria. It's best when all cylinders are clicking. And that is what I want. That is what I need. Who will give it to me?


It is not a premier matchup but it is the opening game on what could be a historic season. The weather could be awesome. The town may be hopping. And this is the first look. One would think it would be a guaranteed win. But UNI proved these games can cause plenty of heartburn. If everything goes as planned though, you get a good look at many players. Tempting.


Hate, played out on a 53 1/3 by 120 yards. Emotions are high. Families are divided. Throw out all the record books, the point spread, and all the usual indicators. This one could go any which way, we all know that. Is this sort of drama as good as it gets. Interlopers invade Iowa City in hopes of their own after-party, making victory both during and after the game all the more sweet. Can one really pass that up?

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Don't laugh it off. May be an easy ticket. Could be fireworks for an offense that sees few big days. Clayborn might kill someone, and who wouldn't pay to see that?


Under the lights. National TV. Whipping boys. Yummy. But, late night games mean less partying afterward. And what would it be like to move heaven and earth to get a ticket and a place to stay and then, gulp, lose. I know it is not possible. But "what ifs" require brain time when deciding these things. Very tantalizing. I could imagine Game Day on the premises even...but given our track record with those assholes, I hope to hell not!


This could be the most underrated of them all. Bucky could be undefeated coming off a huge home victory over Ohio State. Hey, they could. Or they could have shot their load early in the year at Arizona State, blown a big lead against Michigan State and might be coming off a humiliating loss at home to the Buckeyes and limp into Kinnick with their coach on the ropes. This is a roll of the dice or like buying stock in APPLE. Hmmmm....


Payback is a bitch. So goes the saying. Of course, it helps if that payback is at home with a team that has used all its scholarships and is coming off some success (and wouldn't you know, they will have just played jNU and the Fighting Zookers, and isn't that what jNU and Illinois are, a magic elixir for what ails ya.) Either this is the Ball State version of a Big Ten game (see Ball State for reason to attend) or this is a sort of home trap game.


Assuming I can find a ticket...well, find one that does not require my neighbor's first born (we're pretty tight and besides my first born is not so new anymore), this could be for a shot at the MNC, the Rose Bowl or a BCS berth and the coveted Big Ten title-maybe even outright. National TV. The talk of the week. Shit, how does one NOT go to this game. Oh, right. Both teams may have lost multiple times before this match-up and this could be for the Cap One Bowl...certainly a meaningful game but better than all the other opportunities?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.