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The Final Word On Ryan Bowen's Role (Thanks, Readers!)

Friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a however many of these you need to hear to convince you that our source is anonymous and untraceable tells us this about Ryan Bowen's role with the program:

He can watch practice and take notes. He cannot participate in any coaching or scrimmaging. He passes on his observations to the staff who take it from there.

What sucks is that there is a borderline-NBA physical talent on the staff who is not allowed to directly demonstrate that talent because of, well, whatever reasons. But with one coaching staff position still open, McCaffery must have had a reason to save the opening. The question of whom it is Fran's saving the spot, however, lingers.

Our money's on Lute Olson. Nobody would see it coming, and dude's clearly looking to wind down. Also, our money is on Sandy Koufax to win the 2010 Cy Young.