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Iowa Football Has Your "Iron Man" Right Here



MS Paint rulz.

As you may have heard, there's a quaint little art film called "Iron Man 2" opening in a handful of movie theaters today.  The rest of you heathens can have your hard-drinking, womanizing, arrogant-as-hell billionaire playboy in Cyclone colors*.  At Iowa we know a thing or two about "Ironmen," sirs, and Tony Stark is no Nile Kinnick. 

So, in honor of this "Iron Man" fellow, why not take a moment to remember Iowa's own "Ironman."  Or just watch the video:


* Okay, yes, aside from the ISU colors, he's basically the ideal superhero for BHGP.  You'll pry our shameless homerism out of our cold, dead hands, dammit.