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This MSU Recruit Is Body-Slamming His Teacher. Your Argument Is Invalid

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You know what algebra class always needed more of? RANDOM VIOLENCE.

Aberdeen Teacher Fight from poprockcandymountain on Vimeo. Teacher is on the left.

Now, some critical context: this wasn't an act of anger or aggression or anything like that, as you can probably tell from the two guys' body language. Apparently the teacher, Shobul Johnson, wanted to have some fun, and the exquisitely named MIchigan State Mississippi State recruit Jamerson Love obliged. So no harm, no foul, right? Erm, no:

Shobul Johnson, an algebra teacher at Aberdeen High School, was allegedly fired Wednesday, May 19 after an in-class wrestling match with Aberdeen football standout Jamerson Love.

According to an eyewitness who shot the following video, Johnson asked his students to "blackout the windows in his classroom and move the furniture" before the roughhousing ensued.

According to Love, the incident was "blown out of proportion."

Body-slammed onto his shoulder AND fired? Not a nice little Wednesday for the teacher (who barely looks older than Love). Still, dude, you can't do that. Love probably doesn't deserve much punishment, on account of the I Didn't Know I Couldn't Do That principle, and this certainly doesn't mean MSU only recruits thugs or whatever invective you might want to use against Sparty (see update). And besides, they get up and shake hands as men, so everything is HAHA SURPRISE CROSSFACE SUBMIT AT ONCE TEACHERMAN

Part 2 from poprockcandymountain on Vimeo.

[Update: Love's school is fixed. If we had known this was Mississippi State and not Michigan State, maybe we don't write this article. Oh well.]

Terrorist fist jab: Bruce Feldman