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Tim Brewster's Recruitment Of Seantrel Henderson Went Exactly Like You'd Expect It To

Despite a heavy recruiting campaign from his hometown school, as we all know, ballyhooed Seantrel Henderson did not decide to attend the University of Minnesota. That's hardly a black eye for Tim Brewster's legacy, of course, since just about everyone in the NCAA tried and failed to land Henderson. All fine and good, and no downside to Brewster even recruiting Henderson in the first place, right? Um, according to the Star-Tribune, about BEST GOPHER CHAMPION WIN TRY VIOLATE that:

During the Big Ten's spring meetings, head coach Tim Brewster told's Joe Schad that the university self-reported a secondary violation to the NCAA about their dealings with the in-state recruit.

[Gophers spokesman Garry] Bowman said he couldn't comment on the specifics of the report because he hadn't seen a copy of it.

"It was dealing with the recruitment of Seantrel [Henderson]," he said.

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People, these are truly the glory days of Minnesota football. Committing secondary violations for a recruit whom they didn't even have a prayer of landing? YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT, Brew, and don't you goddamn dare change. Not for your boss, not for the NCAA, not for anybody.