Hawkeye Confessions

So EDSBS is soliciting off-season confessions from the CFB faithful here:

The comment thread is well over 300, so my confessions would probably get lost in the shuffle. Besides, it's the forgiveness of the Hawkeye faithful that will truly set my black and gold soul free. So, to that end, here are my Hawkeye confessions:

1.) I think Herky is the second stupidest-looking mascot in the conference. Only Boiler Pete is worse. Unless it's homecoming and Herky is wearing the fake gray beard. Homecoming Herky is the worst mascot in the Big Televen.

2.) When I was in school I referred to them as the University of Fuck Michigan and I had an Ann Arbor is a Whore t-shirt. But in the intervening twelve years, I've met nothing but cool Michigan fans and I really think they're pretty good people.

3.) I love the Carmen Ohio tradition and I wish that we would sing Alma Mater Iowa after home games.

4.) I think Ferentz is a better coach than Fry was.

5.) I am enamored with pretty much all things Wisconsin.

6.) SEC fans seem to have more passion about their schools and football teams than Big Televen fans.

Anyone else have any confessions of their own to add?

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