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Darrion Caldwell Suffers Most Convenient "Injury" Ever

This isn't how rivalries are supposed to end! It's how they <em>begin!</em> Damn it, Darrion!
This isn't how rivalries are supposed to end! It's how they begin! Damn it, Darrion!

Well, imagine that. The day before the match, we find out Darrion Caldwell, public enemy number one in the eyes of one Brent Metcalf, isn't going to wrestle Metcalf one last time after all. explains:

Darrion Caldwell (Rahway, N.J./Sunkist Kids) reinjured his shoulder during a practice session at the U.S. Olympic Training Center on Monday afternoon.

Due to the injury, he will not be competing as part of the 2010 Beat the Streets Gala on the U.S.S. Intrepid in New York City on Thursday, May 13.

Caldwell missed the 2009 college season for North Carolina State due to shoulder surgery this past fall. He has not been medically cleared to compete and is undergoing additional tests at this time.

For Iowa fans, this is devastating news; Caldwell-Metcalf 2010 was likely to be the most satisfying act of revenge since Butch Coolidge made proper use of a samurai sword.

Metcalf doesn't have to go home with nothing to do, however. Caldwell has been replaced by Cornell's Kyle Dake; Dake was this year's NCAA champion at 141 pounds. Bring Metcalf your champions; they're his meat.

In all honestly, we are just a little worried about this matchup, though; while Metcalf was arguably the best wrestler regardless of weight class this season, Dake is already a champion as a true freshman, and he's one weight class lower, meaning Metcalf's speed isn't as much of an advantage. Remember how Caldwell beat Metcalf? It wasn't by overpowering Metcalf, it was by being quick enough to defend his legs whenever Metcalf shot.

And really, we've seen this before. Large, heavily favored wrestler taking on an undersized, unheralded neophyte? Yeah, this doesn't end well: