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SHOCKER: Anonymous Reports On Big Ten Expansion Quickly Refuted

Two weeks ago, we issued the following edict:

So while we're not going to shut down Big Ten expansion talk here--it's still a fascinating topic, and we'll gladly talk about who should be invited--we're not going to deal with anonymous rumors any longer. Based on the role the media have played thus far, if someone tells a newspaper that Team X or Insert University Here is all but confirmed to join the conference, and they won't even attach their name to the rumor, we must assume it's completely false until proven otherwise.

And that still holds true. The Big Ten has consistently maintained that the process will take 12-18 months from the original announcement; we're in month five. Seriously, get comfy.

But lo and goddamn behold, just a week and a half after the South Bend rumor that prompted the post above, here we go again; some idiot radio station in Kansas City reports that Mizzou and Nebraska are in, so's Rutgers, and maybe so is Notre Dame. Said idiot radio station cites--you'll never believe this--anonymous sources.

Denied. Refuted. Debunked. Smacked straight the fuck down. Christ, Missouri's athletic director wasn't even in town.

And once again, we're right back where we started. People. If nobody's willing to put their name on a report, it's because there isn't enough truth value to merit public mention yet. Might Nebraska, Missouri, and Rutgers join the Big Ten? Sure, someday. But not yet, and not soon. How many times does the Big Ten have to tell you that?

That all said, please do not use this article as an excuse to ignore yesterday afternoon's report; our anonymous sources are rock solid. The Electoral College is definitely going to join the Big Ten, and when they need a score on the last play of the game, there's no doubt what they're pulling out of the playbook.