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Well, whatever Fran McCaffery told Aaron Fuller and his father, it didn't work. The day of pain continues unabated as word comes in that Aaron Fuller will transfer away from Iowa at the end of this semester.

So far, only the DI's Brendan Stiles has claimed confirmation, but that'll change shortly; we're sure reports are being written up all over the place as we speak. Hlas and HawkeyeInsider, among others, have tweeted it as fact, so, it's fact. Well, unless many reputable people are concurrently and independently misinformed. Severely unlikely, that.

It's hard to make much sense of this from our admittedly biased standpoint; Fuller was a good player on a bad basketball team last season, one that (one would have previously assumed, anyway) would improve markedly this season. Fuller would have been a major contributor to that. But now, it appears his worries about Iowa not becoming a "winner" for which to play have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

At the very least, we do hope Fuller finds his way to a significantly better program than Iowa, and that includes education. If he goes to some rinky-dink mid like Indiana State, then he hasn't really improved his lot in life. Not for life after basketball. If he finds a decent school that plays better ball, then, well, what the hell are we going to say? Boo for him? He's a traitor? Whatever. It's a coaching change, and people leave. It fucking sucks, but it happens.