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Michaelfrangelo (courtesy of Bucketochicken in the stellar Frandemonium photoshop thread)

Coaching search 2010 is over, and we have all survived relatively unscathed, basketball program largely intact.  In the rush of the firing, and the search, and the hiring, there was little time to breathe let alone stop for analysis.  And so we went along with the current, riding through the rain and the rapids.

But now the skies have cleared, and the water has calmed, and we can take a breath and talk about the coaching search, the Fran McCaffery regime, and the potential short-term consequences of Gary Barta's big move with one of the few reporters to actually uncover legitimate news during the search and take a journalistic approach to an otherwise speculation-filled endeavor: Scott Dochterman, longtime Friend of the Pants and sportswriter/blogger extraordinaire for the Gazette.  And don't fear, football fans: There's a little draft talk at the end, too.

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BHGPodcast 28