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WE'RE TALKIN' BASKETBALL: White On White Crime For The Title

Via <a href="" target="new">Joe Sports Fan</a>. The O column, from top to bottom, just kills us.
Via Joe Sports Fan. The O column, from top to bottom, just kills us.

All right, folks. One more game in this wretched college basketball season. It's Duke against Butler. The major vs. the mid-major. The haves vs. the have-not-as-muches. The so-lily-white-even-Scandinavians-recoil-in-horrors vs. the... well, the mirror images. Hey, all white people look the same to us.

So let's have one more open thread for the road. Just think, 12 months from now, that'll be Iowa, playing for and winning the title. And if Iowa isn't, then we fire Coach Fran and get a guy who's committed to winning. Fair's fair.

It's probably the last BHGP open thread for almost five months--yeesh--so let's enjoy it and send the season off right. Y'all know the rules. Game on.