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Hawkster Runoff: Season Ticket Sales Approaching Sellout Status

Is not wearing gold to a Gold Out indie and brave, or is it "typical hipster"?
Is not wearing gold to a Gold Out indie and brave, or is it "typical hipster"?

If the reference isn't already immediately obvious, read here for a little bit.

The Iowa Hawkeye football team announced that they are probably going to try being sellouts. This is probably what their Big Ten label wants. Normally if you ignore your label, it gives you instant cred, but the Big Ten is going to 'shake up the industry' with some acquisitions later this year + shit would probably 'hit the fan' if Iowa didn't do what they were told. If Iowa cost the Big Ten a chance at signing Neb Co because they were more concerned with 'true fans' than popularity, the buzzblogs would probably make some new embarrassing memes about the state of Iowa. People in Iowa would have to cover their Iowa bumper stickers with ones about loving America.

Before every game, Iowa fans like to hold 'tailgate parties' so everyone can get their party on with their best bros + soro girls that they're trying to see naked. Sometimes they dress in vintage Hawkeye clothes. Are they establishing their personal ironic brand or trying to support the Hawkeyes for being mainstream? Is your Facebook picture with your black and gold overalls and aviator sunglasses more about you or the Hawkeyes?

Everyone knows the hottest parties at Iowa are tailgate parties.You get to break the rules and drink on university property, even though buzz blogs haven't decided if it's still cool 2 break rules now that BarO is Prez. Is authority 'on the rebound'? It's probably smart to not trust the pigs until they get on twitter and start building their 'online voice' so the blogs can judge them.

Kinda think there should be a tailgating lot for bicycles. Fixed gears could go right next to the high end bikes and we could 'tailgate as one' + cut down on the carbon footprint. If cars were outlawed at tailgates, we would still be able to party at Olive Court without the 'nazis' closing it off. Is tailgating green, or only if it's on grass? Can a tailgate be chill if it's killing the environment?

Is Iowa selling out for the right reasons?
Would Iowa be the Radiohead of the Big Ten if they let fans choose their price/watch games 4 free?
Will the Big Ten give Iowa new rivals like Neb Co and Kan Jay as a reward for selling out, or is Iowa 'just another brick in the wall' - Pink Floyd

Would the stands still be full if the band were more alt?
Should the band play more Vampire Weekend?
What 'buzz tracks' should the marching band play?
What bands would you invite instead of the marching band to play at halftime?
Could your favorite band play a halftime set, or would they want need another hour to make a 'meaningful connection' with the fans?

Can you still be friends with someone if someone else shows up to the tailgate with the same number jersey shirt?
Should you take off/burn a jersey in order to avoid wearing the same number as someone else?
Is jersey burning alt?
What's the hot new buzz number for this season?
Should u choose a number nobody has and help establish your own brand?

Do u play drinking games to 'feel closer to the team'?
If u lose your drinking game will the Hawks lose too?
What's the new term for 'flippy cup' in 2k10?

Should these Hawkeye tailgate girls puke this beer up later to avoid 'fat thighs,' or is anorexia played out?
Were u pissed when you found out the Magic Bus wasn't magic?

Did John Kerry get more cred for tailgating, or did he lose the election for 'being a pussy' and not taking the beer bong?
Are all old people who try to tailgate assholes?
Is everyone who tailgates after they turn 24 a poser?

Will gathering like this and exercising your first amendment still be a 'buzz activity' in six months?
Is ur life empty without Iowa tailgates?