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I Am Hawkeye State. I Sing the Songs.

I am Hawkeye State.  I write for the BHGP.  And the BHGP has reach, people.  It gets read by literally dozens of people each day, and all of them are rich and influential, mostly because they have followed the life tips they read every day here.  Sometimes people ask me for interviews, and I'm always like, "Sure, why not talk to Mario Lopez about the BHGP?"  And even though there's so much to talk about, Mario Lopez (or sometimes Peter Jennings) always asks first about the BHGPodcast theme song.  "Who are your musical influences?" they ask as I stroll down the red carpet, and I make a turn and show off the fine tuxedo I rented from Skeffington's Formalwear, and then I respond, "Andrew Lee."

Who is Andrew Lee?  Only the most influential artist ever.


Podcast with CrossCyed on the Fred Hoiberg hire coming this afternoon.  It will have theme music.