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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It Looks at that Big Blockhead

"Look at the Size of that Head!"  Mike Mayock -- who has completely supplanted Kiper and his moronic minions as the best NFL Draft analyst on television -- missed the second half of the draft with laryngitis after his voice gave out Friday night.  We're glad to say the voice meltdown started with the drafting of Bryan Bulaga:

"Look at that big blockhead...that is the face of Iowa right there."

We are slightly concerned with Mayock's stated desire to shoot Bulaga and mount him on the wall of his den, but Bryan is probably capable of defending himself against a former defensive back.  Bulaga's moment with NFL commish Roger Goodell also leads off Kissing Suzy Kolbert's excellent LOLNFL post.

In other post-draft news, via "Big Ups" Brendan Stiles,  Dace Richardson has received a tryout with the New York Giants, and Trey Stross signed a free agent deal with the Houston Texans.  The Daily Gopher breaks down two years' worth of draft data, concluding that Iowa had the best performance in this year's draft and is near the top over the past two seasons.  And Doc Saturday includes Mitch King in its team of undrafted players from the past 20 years, which seems excessive but hey we'll take it.

The Short Bus.  Greg McDermott officially accepted the head coaching position at Creighton this morning.  The Iowa State coaching search is on, with alleged short lists being floated from sources near and far.  Friend of the Pants John Bohnenkamp includes many of the names floated for the Iowa job, but also makes the plausible suggestion that recently-appointed assistant Nick Nurse be made interim head coach; with the late resignation of McDermott, the hiring pool from which Inconsolable can choose his next coach will be shallow.  CrossCyed, finally returning to the interwebs in full force, also floats Nurse's name, along with Steve Forbes, Billy Gillispie, Brian Gregory, and Wisconsin assistant Greg Gard.  BHGP Consulting has been contacted by Jamie Pollard and, as we did during ISU's football search, we will provide our list of potential replacements tomorrow.