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Greg McDermott Accepts Offer At Creighton; Holy Hell, Iowa State, You Are A Mess

For those not particularly interested in Pac-10 or MVC basketball, Dana Altman left Creighton to run off to Oregon--at least until they start duck-calling, anyway, at which point he'll flee back to Creighton in terror.

No matter to us, really, for obvious reasons... until you hear that Creighton had their eyes on Iowa State's very own failwhale, Greg McDermott. Stop laughing. They meant it. He was good at UNI, you know! Not... not "beat Kansas" good, but whatever. Here was the report from WOI earlier today.

And now KCCI is reporting it's already a done deal, with McDermott accepting a 10-year, $9 million deal. The timing comes right after McDermott hired former Cyclone great Jeff Grayer and Iowa Energy coach Nick Nurse to assistant coaching deals; no word on their status, but one must imagine that they'd be well served following McDermott to the B-Jays.

One thing we know for sure: Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard should be a mountain of fun these next couple days. Remember last time he had a money-sport head coach that nobody could seriously imagine fielding competing offers, then lost that coach anyway? Then just for good measure, he completely lost his shit too? Remember that?

We remember.