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So You've Drafted Pat Angerer: A New Owner's Guide

Congratulations! You've just made the wonderful decision to draft Pat Angerer! Like most new Angerer owners, you're no doubt filled with questions about your new family members. We here at Black Heart Gold Pants will try our best to answer any questions you might have.

Holy shit is this guy for real? Ho ho ho. Yes he is. He is a linebacker named Angerer.

What can we--I'm just going to stop you right there and say highlight reel watch right now go:


What was his career at Iowa like? It almost didn't happen. During his first three years in the program, Angerer was buried on the depth chart and beset by sundry injuries and a bout of mononucleosis. He was widely rumored to be on his way out after a one-tackle sophomore year, and really, nobody would have noticed; he would have been just another 3rd stringer that couldn't cut it, for all we'd have known.

But Angerer stuck with it, and he took over the middle linebacker spot from returning starter Jacody Coleman. Once in place atop the two-deeps, Angerer recorded two straight seasons of over 100 tackles. He's better in pass coverage than it would appear, though A.J. Edds is the superior cover linebacker of the two. Where Angerer really shines is between the tackles, though; his instincts in hitting gaps are nonpareil, and he's athletic enough to not let a back get away once he's in position to make a play. 

Will he get along with other animals? Well, his best friend is his brother's bulldog, Cash. Seriously.

Will he be awesome in Indianapolis? There is that issue of what the hell to do with Angerer and Gary Brackett on the same team; Brackett just signed a mammoth extension last month, and even with Angerer's cover skills, he wouldn't have a prayer playing on the outside. That's not his game. He will, at the very least, be a special teams warrior for his first year or two on the squad, and it may come to be that the Colts don't need Brackett anymore after two or three years, and he may end up being a cap casualty with Angerer as the next man in. Selfishly, we hope that's the case.

Is his best friend seriously a dog? Yessir. Tons of stuff about Angerer's character here from the best Iowa football beat writer around. Go read. And enjoy, Indianapolis. Pat Angerer rules.