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We're Getting New Friends, You Guys!

According to the Trib, the Big Ten is going on an "accelerated schedule" for expansion. Which means EEEE SHINY NEW PLAYTHINGS. And this makes more sense, anyway; there was no reason for expansion talks to last a freaking year and a half. Not in this day and age of instant information and communication. 

Most of the speculation about expansion seems to be going on east of the Illinois-Indiana border, which isn't great news for Iowa--putting Pitt in the Big Ten doesn't really enrich the conference from our standpoint, especially compared to Penn State's standpoint, after all--but keep in mind that the conference is thinking 14-16 teams. And if they go Full 16, you'd have to think Nebraska, Kansas, and/or Missouri would be in that mix. Nebraska or Missouri = border rivalry = GOD DON'T YOU HATE HOW THAT NEIGHBORING STATE DOES THINGS WE'D BETTER HAVE OUR COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM BEAT THEIRS PRETTY BADLY = bliss.

But then again, perhaps they go Notre Dame, Pitt, Cuse, Rutgers, and Boston College, or any three of those five. You never know. So let's engage in some reckless speculation, shall we? We want to hear two things from you guys in the comments.

  1. Your dream scenario for expansion, regardless of plausibility
  2. Your prediction for how expansion will actually happen

Hell, I'll start it right now.

  1. Texas, Miami, Notre Dame, Kansas, Nebraska
  2. Notre Dame, Syracuse, Rutgers

Now you people go.