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Kinnick After Dark: Iowa-Penn State Set For Primetime

Per Mas Casa, the October 2nd tilt between Iowa and Penn State is set for the now seemingly annual Kinnick night game (7-7:30pm CST, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2).  We may not play the Nittany Lions for a trophy, but there's no doubt that, at least in ABC's eyes, this has become one of the hottest (albeit one-sided) rivalries in the Big Ten.  For reference's sake, this is how we do night games: 


Or like this: 



Conversely, this is how Penn State does it: 


The Arizona game is also still widely rumored to be a night game (which would be a 9-9:30pm CST kick-off), given the oft-sweltering daytime temperatures in Tucson in September.  If that rumor holds up, it might lead to be the drunkest LIVEGAMEOPENTHREAD of all time here.

Morehouse also offers a little interesting speculation: 

The league schedule is set through 2012, but after that there could be a push for the conference to move premier rivalry games (Ohio State-Michigan) into October, so they could be televised during primetime. Of course, Iowa and Minnesota would fit into that scenario, too.

On one hand, the tradition of closing out the year with a beatdown of the Gophers is eminently satisfying.  On the other hand, beating them senseless under the lights would be pretty damn fun, too.