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BLAST FROM THE PAST: 2010 Iowa Football Throwback Uniforms Officially Unveiled


Mmm... 52-year old football memories.

As mentioned earlier, the 2010 Iowa football team is blastin' back in time, aesthetically speaking, to highlight a team of past greats.  In 2004, they celebrated Nile Kinnick's famed 1939 "Ironman" squad; next year, they'll be paying homage to Randy Duncan's 1958 squad, a team which was arguably the greatest team in Iowa history.  In addition to winning the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl (the last time Iowa won in Pasadena, in fact), that team was also voted #1 in the Football Writers poll, giving them some claim to being a national champion*.  Now, thanks to Friend of the Pants Scott Dochterman and the Gazoo, we have an official look at the unis Iowa will be rockin' against Ball State on September 25.  (The Gazoo also has video, if still photos don't adequately satisfy you.)

For more info on the 1958 team, you can always check out Wiki or blog-buddy Fight For Iowa's excellent piece from earlier this spring.

*- Normally, I'd say embracing stuff like that leads down the same path as Pitt claiming nine national titles, but considering that the Football Writers poll was the only one that actually factored in the results of the bowl season, it seems to have a bit more credibility.